A twilight image produces some of the most dramatic looks for an elegant home and are very impressive on a real estate listing. We can do this with any business, too…..restaurant, hotel, car dealership, B&B….almost any type of business can benefit from a twilight shot. These shots are quite involved to do correctly and take about two hours just to set up and shoot, not to mention the post production work.

Here’s the before shot as well. I can’t decide which of the twilight shots I like, though. What do you think? Many thanks to my friend Lyn Kur from Kur Realty for allowing me to shoot her listing for this twilight shot.

Twilight image - before. 540 Eagle Brook Ln beforeBefore

Twilight image - after 1. 540 Eagle Brook Ln twilight #3First Version

540 Eagle Brook Ln twilight #4 with new sky-blogSecond Version

I kind of lean toward the #2 version, but haven’t totally decided.