I recently completed a new twilight photograph of a high-end home for a builder in Northern Illinois and this was the finished image. It was part of a photo shoot that involved several interior photographs of the home as well. I’ve been working on perfecting this style for a while, now, and I think I have finally arrived at a process that works well. My image is a composite of many shots; including ambient, dozens of lighted exposures and some sky shots. I got lucky because this sky was already there, but not quite this beautiful. I did a lot to it to bring out the colors. It took several hours in post production to complete the final image but I am very happy with the results. What do you think? I always try to stretch my creative abilities on every photo job. Hopefully, learning something new in the process.


Twilight shot of 1616 Lake Charles Dr., Vernon Hills, Illinois with watermark. Twilight photograph of a high-end home.


Creating a twilight photograph of a high-end home requires patience, a creative eye, a first class computer system and lots of Photoshop knowledge.