Restored Victorian Home-Aurora, Illinois

Here's a few shots of a beautiful old, restored Victorian home in Aurora, Illinois, that the owners totally restored and did a great job. Gorgeous woodwork, 7 fireplaces, high ceilings all add to the turn-of-the-century charm. A great west side location for the large yard

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Bad Real Estate Photo Hall of Shame – 4/13/15

Because I see so many horrendous real estate listing photos posted on the Internet, I've decided to create a "Bad Real Estate Photo Hall of Shame" for listing photos that should have been deleted by their creator and never saw the light of day instead

2020-12-08T08:29:17-06:00April 13th, 2015|

Drone Aerial Videos and the FAA

It seems as though the FAA is flexing it's muscles in the case of using RCMA's (radio controlled model aircraft), also known as drones, to do videos of high-end properties. Recently there have been a rash of subpoenas and cease and desist orders issued by

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Bad photography, no sale for high-end home

Bad photography can equal no sale for a high-end home. Almost every day I see million dollar plus homes listed on the MLS or realtors websites with dreadful images. I can't understand how these agents expect to sell expensive properties

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