Because I see so many horrendous real estate listing photos posted on the Internet, I’ve decided to create a “Bad Real Estate Photo Hall of Shame” for listing photos that should have been deleted by their creator and never saw the light of day instead of being used on a real estate listing to advertise a property for sale. Some, if not most, fall under the category of “what were you thinking?” when they were shot. Some could be even considered hilarious. I sometimes wonder if some of these images were created “tongue-in-cheek” just for a laugh but I feel that most were photographed believing that they were actually good and served a purpose. So here it goes as I present my first installment of “This Hall of Shame” of Internet listing photos.

Many thanks to Julia at for allowing me to use these photos in The Bad Real Estate Photo Hall of Shame.

Cockroach costume - bad real estate photo

Holy Cockroaches, Batman!

poorly placed toilet - bad real estate photo

OUCH! My knees!

agent riding dolphin - bad real estate photo

High Ho, Flipper!

washer and dryer behind sink - bad real estate photo

DOH! How do I get the clothes out of the dryer?

Breakfast in bed - bad real estate photo

I’ll have my breakfast in bed, please.

stuffed horse in living room - bad real estate photo

You say you have what in your living room?

Be vewy qwiet! I'm hunting deer! - bad real estate photo

Be vewy qwiet! I’m hunting deer!

treadmill in bathroom - bad real estate photo

For those with limited time.

Hope you enjoyed. If so, let me know.